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“New product for the first time in 16 years”

Full model change from the main product line-up, ZETA IV・ZIEG IV now on sale!!

*Accepting orders from November 1st, 2019.

BRIDE Corporation (Tokai-shi, Aichi Prefecture, President and CEO Takase (すみません、下の名前が読めません…汗) will be accepting orders for the 4th generation successors of the renown ZETA and ZIEG seat models.

Since their establishment, BRIDE intensely focused on developing the perfect driving position with multitude of direct feedbacks from the racing industries. These data have been carefully implemented into their proprietary “Holding Technology” to provide a high performance racing seats. Since the release of the ZETA III full bucket seat model in 2003, this has been the very bestseller used by many drivers until now with the versatility of daily driven to use in the race circuits. The ZIEG III has been fine-tuned with a more aggressive, deep positioning to grasp the driver in the zone whilst driving. The aggressive positioning may not be for all, but the model has attracted a wide range of followers from street drivers to race drivers, and anyone in between.

Motorsports is continuously evolving with the advancement of engineering technology today. Whether you are on the last stretch of a race or entering hairpin corner against your rivalries, the speed range is not what is was yesterday. To ensure the safety, the two models has now been upgraded with revolutionized material properties and advancement in manufacturing engineering. A full model change that it was long overdue.


Key Characteristics of ZETA IV and ZIEG IV

※Common characteristics


  1. New Material and Manufacturing Process
    The shell rigidity has increased by 15% and achieved a 5% over all seat weight reduction (from its predecessors). In addition to the FRP shell (glass fiber and Aramid fiber), high performance materials are used in various location to achieve a high rigidity with minimal impact in weight. The seating surface where the body will interact with the seat, molded urethane has been newly used to improve comfortability and long endurance.
  2. Holding Performance, Seat Endurance, Design
    The body will fit from the head rest to back and shoulder support, especially focused on shoulder scapula. The vertical stitching will fit to your spine. The section with most stress seen on the side has been reinforced with PVC leather. The seat belt grommets are now carbon styled design. The raised side bolster will prevent the submarine effect (where the driver will slide forward down) during hard braking and or any accidents that may occur.
  3. Seat Belt Grommet
    To accommodate HANS accessories and various racing harness, the grommets are now increased in its diameter. The form factor of head rest has been redesigned for added durability.
  4. Adaptivity for Various Vehicular Models
    The shoulder width is minimized to 560mm to adapt for various vehicular models without any interference. In addition to the ZIEG IV, the ZETA IV is now designed with the Low Max System (patent approved). This places the seat center closer to the steering center for vehicles with limited floor real estate.
  5. FIA and Safety Listing
    Both ZETA IV and ZIEG IV is listed under the FIA8855-1999 along with the safety standard. With the FIA, the seat can be used in the global race series which may require a seat that is certified globally. The seat has been designed and controlled to withstand a stringent test criteria given by the regulation and achieved a high level of safety at the same time.



The seat is intended for a driver that it between 5’5″ to 5’9″ with a weight of 176 lbs. The seat can be installed in various vehicular models, used for different motorsport activities.


A much lower seating position (lower eye-sight) is enabled with its unique stooped back design of the backrest.


Correspondence to the Japanese Inspection Requirement

When these seat models are installed into a vehicle with rear seats, the seat back protector (sold separately) is mandatory to protect the rear drivers.

In addition, either the driver or passenger side seat must be a recliner model for any coupe models (2+2 or 3 doors).

Additional conditions may apply for vehicle inspection.


*Listed prices effective July 1st, 2021.
Part Number Seat Desc. Price
HA1GMF ZETA IV Gradation (FRP) $1,180
HA1AMF ZETA IV Black (FRP) $1,130
HA1GZR ZETA IV Gradation (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $1,760
HA1AZR ZETA IV Black (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $1,710
HA1BZR ZETA IV Red (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $1,710
HB1GMF ZIEG IV Gradation (FRP) $1,380
HB1AMF ZIEG IV Black (FRP) $1,130
HB1GZR ZIEG IV Gradation (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $1,950
HB1AZR ZIEG IV Black (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $1,900
HB1BZR ZIEG IV Red (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $1,900
HC1GMF ZIEG IV WIDE Gradation (FRP) $1,480
HC1AMF ZIEG IV WIDE Black (FRP) $1,430
HC1GZR ZIEG IV WIDE Gradation (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $2,050
HC1AZR ZIEG IV WIDE Black (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $2,000
HC1BZR ZIEG IV WIDE Red (Super Aramid-Black Carbon) $2,000
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