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Deep hold shape ideal for circuit driving

ZIEG series has a deep hold shape shell design with the round backrest line for wrapping the driver deeper to withstand strong lateral G during high speed such as circuit driving. This is a model that pursues the most important “hold performance” required for full bucket seats.

Low position essential for circuit and sports driving

ZIEG IV has installed the LOWMAX system which is a patented technology of BRIDE, Furthermore, the backrest has a round shape, so the head position (eye point) can be lowered. This seat is ideal for more competitive scenes such as circuit driving.

Advanced material and Manufacturing method

By adding more high-performance materials to the FRP shells (glass fiber and aramid fiber) that have been used so far, the shell rigidity has been increased by 15%. The seat cushion and thigh cushion, which are in close contact with the body, have newly adopted molded urethane to improve comfort and durability for long driving.

Shell design and hold performance considering safety

The new shell shape and the vertical slits in the back cushion improve the fit from the headrest to the back, shoulders, and can keep the appropriate driving position for a long time without difficulty. The shape design with the thigh lifted prevents the submarine phenomenon (a phenomenon in which the occupant sinks in the forward downward direction) during hard braking or collision accident.

Adopted large seat belt holes

The large seat belt hole which was previously installed in the ZETA III PLUS and XERO series has been newly adopted in the ZIEG IV too. This makes it possible to match a wide range of wearing conditions for racing harnesses and FHR systems (head and neck protection devices), which occur due to differences in driver height and sitting height.


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