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A reclining seat that combines playfulness and elegance by combining BRIDE STREAMS with a camouflage pattern

STREAMSGHOST is a medical comfort reclining seat that realizes comfortable long drives with an ergonomic seat shape.
The STREAMS series has a moderate hold performance, It has the advantage of reducing the burden on the body caused by rolling, vibration and impact of the vehicle. Therefore, it is less tiring even when driving for a long time and is suitable for preventing back pain, and is supported by a wide range of users. In addition, the shoulder width is 495mm, which is narrower than other seats, so it can be used in compact cars with limited interior space.

The STREAMSGHOST seat fabric uses PVC material that is resistant to water droplets, dirt, and scratches, and demonstrates excellent convenience and maintainability for various outdoor activities.
There are two colors, green camouflage and blue camouflage, and the BRIDE logo is embroidered on the headrest.

The seat is equipped with a seat sensor (*it may not be compatible with some models), and there is also a model with a seat heater (12V only).

*Camouflage fabric has the characteristic of fading easily due to light. Also, if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time with sweat or dirt on it, it may discolor, so please handle it with care.

A special armrest with a camouflage pattern can also be installed

STREAMSGHOST is threaded to attach dedicated armrests (sold separately) to the left and right of the backrest. The armrests are sold separately for the right and left sides, so it is possible to install them on both sides or only one side, depending on the space inside the car and the customer’s preference. (JPY9,350- each for right/left)

Seat heater installation models can also be selected.

STREAMSGHOST also has a seat heater model with built-in heaters in the back and seat. Unlike the air conditioner that uses the heat of the engine, the seat heater will warm up immediately even in cold winter. By using it together with the air conditioner, since it warms the body directly from the back and the seating surface, not only will the body warm from the core in a short time, but drying inside the car can be reduced. Easy connection (only for 12V cars) to install in the cigar socket is installed, so you can maintain your favorite temperature with 6 stages of temperature control, so it is also ideal for open cars.
*The seat heater unit is not sold separately or post-installation.
*Multiple seat heaters cannot be used at the same time.

Color Variations

Green Camouflage
Blue Camouflage
Part NumberColorNotesMSRP
I35CM1(GREEN-CAMOUFLAGE)**with Heater ****Armrest sold separately** $1,920.00
I35CM2(BLUE-CAMOUFLAGE)**with Heater ****Armrest sold separately** $1,920.00
I32CM1(GREEN-CAMOUFLAGE)**Armrest sold separately** $1,750.00
I32CM2(BLUE-CAMOUFLAGE)**Armrest sold separately** $1,750.00
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