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We are the North America master distributor of Bride products.

All seat of BRIDE fixed bucket seat, reclining seat[adjustable sport seat] line-up are all clear of the harsh safety standard test. The model of the FIA standard necessary for participation in official race is also available, and it is active in many motor sports scenes. Feedback from professional drivers who love BRIDE’s seat and development experience that has continued to develop focusing on car seat. BRIDE seats manufactured based on safety technology safely protect drivers in any scene from public roads to circuits.

Reclining Seats

Full Bucket Seats


Seat Rails


edirb is a premium sports seat model manufactured by BRIDE to be a level above the rest, featuring advanced protein leather in all models. It is available in 5 types: Comfort reclining seat, sporty reclining seat[adjustable sport seat], comfort fixed bucket seat, active fixed bucket seat, and sporty fixed bucket seat.

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