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The LOWMAX system for the ultimate low position and a backrest shape with a characteristic round shoulders line were adopted

ZIEG IV is a full bucket seat that has been elaborated to pursue the high safety and the hold performance based on various racing experiences and feedback from professional drivers. The entire shell has a deep hold shape with the round backrest line for wrapping the driver deeper. Even in situations where high-speed cornering or high driving G is applied, the driver is firmly held for reliable driving operations. By the BRIDE patented LOWMAX system and the egg-shaped backrest provide a low seat position, ensuring an ideal eye point and driving position.

The shell material can be selected from two types: FRP silver shell and Super aramid black shell, and the color variation can be selected from three types: Gradation logo, Black and Red.

ZIEG IV is a FIA approved model.

New shell design in pursuit of functionality and utility

The shape fits from headrest to back, shoulders, especially shoulder bone. The vertical stitching of the back cushion follows naturally the spine. The tough PVC leather is used for the sides which is often rubbed when getting on and off. It has become a new design to be particular about the details.

FIA approved and Conformity to the safety standard

ZIEG IV conforms to the safety standards of the Japanese Road Transport Vehicle Act (for automobile inspection). In addition, it has also acquired the “FIA8855-1999” standard established by the FIA (International Automobile Federation), so it can be used in international formality races and competitions. It has a high level of safety by having the design and quality for passing to the more severe test.

Color Variations

Gradation FRP
Black FRP
Gradation Super Aramid-Black Carbon
Black Super Aramid-Black Carbon
Part NumberColorNotesMSRP
HB1ASF(BLACK) (FRP) $1,660.00
HB1BSF(RED) (FRP) $1,660.00
HB1GSC(GRADATION) ( Carbon)  $2,330.00
HB1ASC(BLACK) (Carbon)   $2,230.00
HB1BSC(RED) (Carbon)    $2,230.00
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