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Focusing on comfort such as sitting comfort and ease of boarding/exiting, etc. to avoid getting tired even on long drives

The EUROSTER series is designed to be a seat focusing on comfort such as sitting comfort, ease of boarding/exiting, and operability while keeping the driver from getting tired. In terms of holdability as well, the seat’s design doesn’t sacrifice ease of boarding/exiting. The “Cruise” model allows an arm rest to be installed, reducing the strain on your body during long drives. This is the perfect model for those changing to a sports seat for the first time.

Adopting design that goes with any car model and high grade seat material

The well-balanced seat design of EUROSTER series matches a wide variety of car models including mini-vans, TOYOTA Hi-Ace 200, and Camroad. The seat material used with the EUROSTER II is high-class faux suede fabric, and with the EUROSTER II PREMIUM it is protein leather. Both of these fabrics are luxurious while also achieving anti-slip holdability in the case of the high-class faux suede and comfort that avoids stuffiness in the case of the protein leather.

A seat design based on human engineering. An evolved “New Ergonomics Design”

The New Ergonomics Design focuses on being easy for the driver to use and avoiding strain. The form designed to gently envelop the driver’s body and the high-density polyutherene foam equalize the contact pressure to the driver. The result is a distribution of the driver’s body pressure which enables overwhelming comfort and holdability.

Angle can be adjusted with a single touch. Easy-to-use super recliner

EUROSTER series is equipped with a super recliner which allows easy adjustment of the reclining angle of the backrest. The backrest can be folded forward with a single touch. The super recliner comes equipped with a quick lever which allows smooth position adjustment so you can easily adjust the seat to the perfect position for you.

Abundant color variation with 7 colors

The EUROSTER series features abundant color variation to match all car models. EUROSTER has expanded to 7 colors including blacks, grays, beige, red, and blue. The protein leather EUROSTER II PREMIUM has also expanded to 3 color variations. Also, with each variation, you can select a model equipped with seat heater.


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