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Racing model tuned for small drivers

ZETAIV VERIA is a model that has been tuned for slim and small drivers based on the BRIDE full bucket seat standard model ZETAIV.

The shell design is made to fit a slim and small driver under 5.25ft, and it supports various scenes from street to hard sports driving. The side support from the flank to the thigh is about 30mm narrower than the standard model, and even a small and slim driver can demonstrate the original holding performance of the full bucket seat. Approximately 15mm of high-hardness urethane is adhered to the bottom of the seat, and the seat cushion has a built-in removable urethane in addition to the standard type. This makes it possible to increase the seat height by up to 30mm.

The shell material is an FRP silver shell, and the seat color is black.

The ZETAIV VERIA is a FIA approved model.

Special specification with exclusive tuning

ZETAIV VERIO is a full bucket seat that has been tuned with a focus on slim and small drivers. The thickness of the urethane on the side support and seat has been adjusted to make it tighter than the standard model. As a result, even thin drivers and small drivers who cannot hold their bodies firmly in standard bucket seats can enjoy hard sports driving.

FIA approved model

ZETAIV VERIO has acquired [FIA8855-1999] specified by FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). The design, quality, and high level of safety that can withstand rigorous testing ensure that it can be used in international-class races and competitions.

Part NumberColorNotesMSRP
HA1VSF(BLACK) (FRP) **PINK STITCH*****Small Size*** $1,680.00
HA1OSF(BLACK) (FRP) ***Small Size*** $1,680.00
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