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A full bucket seat for a next generation, combining high functionality, comfort, and safety

Equipped with a medium sized head guard, the XERO CS is the perfect model for competitive or sports driving. This full bucket seat was manufactured down to the smallest detail for driveability that far outclasses its contemporaries without compromising safety.
Its fit and comfort have both been improved through its design, made to hug the hips and femoral region, while quilted fabric lining the inner knee supports provides superior fit and seated comfort. These features make fatigue caused by long-distance enduro race practically a thing of the past, allowing the driver to maintain high levels of concentration while driving.
The shell material is available in either FRP Silver Shell or Super Aramid Black Shell variations, with colors available in either Gradient Logo or Black.
Each seat is a FIA-compliant model.

Specially made seat material

Quilted fabric covers the inside of the knee supports, providing a better fit and more comfort than conventional models. The shoulder and belt holes have also been framed in carbon, bumping up both its premium and racing feels.

Part NumberColorNotesMSRP
H02GSR(GR) (Super Aramid-Black Carbon  $2,180.00
H02ASR(BLACK) (Super Aramid-Black Carbon  $2,080.00
H02GSF(GR) (FRP)   $1,600.00
H02ASF(BLACK) (FRP)   $1,500.00
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