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BRIDE’s new generation full bucket seat with high-level functionality, comfort and safety

The XERO series is a full-bucket type sports seat that has been created with a focus on details, reconsidering shell shapes and seat materials, pursuing greater security and greater ease of driving. Among them, XERO VS is a model that matches the safety standards equipped with the most compact head guard. It emphasizes visibility and boarding / exiting performance on public roads and street sports, and the head support and side support are designed to be compact. It can also be installed on cars with a narrow interior space. It holds the waist and thighs firmly. In addition, the use of a quilted fabric inside the knee support has improved the fit and sitting comfort. As a result, even long-time driving such as endurance races are less tiring and can be driven with high concentration.
The shell material can be selected from two types: FRP silver shell and Super aramid black shell, and the color variation can be selected from two types: Gradation logo, Black.
Every model is a FIA approved model.

Racing compact with safe and secure

XERO VS, which has enough safety and functionality, has a compact head guard, and reduced the side support and shoulder left and right dimensions, can also be installed in cars with limited interior space. In addition, The shoulder and belt hole parts are made of a carbon style pattern to achieve both luxury and racing feel.

Color Variations

Gradation Logo

*Listed prices effective July 1st, 2021.
Part Number Seat Desc. Price
H03GMF XERO VS Gradation (FRP) $1,400
H03AMF XERO VS Black (FRP) $1,350
H03BMF XERO VS Red (FRP) $1,350
H03GZR XERO VS Gradation (Super Aramind-Black Carbon) $1,950
H03AZR XERO VS Black (Super Aramind-Black Carbon) $1,900
H03BZR XERO VS Red (Super Aramind-Black Carbon) $1,900
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