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A characteristic seat design that realizes easy boarding/exiting and holdability

The STRADIA series, which has undergone its first full model change in about 15 years, is a new generation of reclining seat created with BRIDE’s original idea in mind: to combine the hold performance required for circuit driving with the convenience and comfort for daily use. From the design, body shell and frame to the cushion, and reclining mechanism, BRIDE is a newly designed flagship model created with 40 years of cultivated experience and technology in the motor sports scene.

A new frame & shell designed using 3D-CAD

The innovative bone frame and body shell with a monocoque structure that inherits the design of ZETA IV are shaped to envelop the shoulders with more emphasis on hold performance. As a result, the load capacity of the frame has increased by 200%, the torsional strength by 40%, and the frontal collision strength of the backrest by 15% compared to STRADIA II.

A newly developed stepped reclining mechanism

The reclining mechanism has been renewed to achieve a compact design while allowing significantly improvements in precision and strength. In addition, backlash (play) and looseness, often found in stepped adjustment mechanisms, have been reduced to the utmost, achieving more reliable hold and comfort.

A one-touch reclining lever with excellent functionality

In the previous model, the backrest angle adjustment came in dial form, but in STRADIA III, a one-touch reclining lever has been adopted for operability, convenience, durability and saving on in-vehicle space.

Utilizing the LOWMAX System which enables the maximum low driving position

Because STRADIA series utilizes BRIDE’s patented LOWMAX System technology, it enables a low position even in a tight seat space. Even if offsets between the steering and seat centers occur, with the LOWMAX System it is possible to set the offset to zero*. (In some cases, certain models may not reach zero)


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