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Ergonomic body-friendly medical comfort model

The STREAMS series is a seat designed to reduce the burden on the driver’s body during driving. Ergonomic backrests and seating surfaces always keep a good hold feeling and an appropriate driving position. Body-friendly medical comfort reclining seat[adjustable seat], that is the STREAMS series.

New design pursuing ergonomics

Although the STREAMS series has a relatively flat bearing surface shape, it wraps around the driver’s body moderately. By supporting the driver across the seat, it absorbs shaking and impact and reduces fatigue of the driver. This makes it less tiring even for long hours of driving.

Supports the body, relaxes shock, assists driver’s back pain prevention

The seat is designed to draw a natural S-shape when seated, this will absorb the load on the lumbar vertebrae. By reducing the burden on the lumbar vertebrae, it is also effective for back pain of the driver.

Can be installed in various models. Slim shoulder width

When installing a sports seat in a compact car, the shoulder part of the seat often interferes with the pillar. The STREAMS series is designed to be compact with a shoulder width of 490 mm, so it can be attached to various models.

Comfortable equipment such as rear pocket and seat heater

Because the STREAMS series seat has a back-pocket fitting A4 size, it is convenient to put in a little baggage. Also, even on cold weather you can choose comfortable seating heater equipped models with STREAMS, STREAMS CRUZ models, all colors.


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