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A compact comfort seat perfect for car models with tight interiors

The model of the DIGO II Series, DIGO II LIGHTand DIGO III , slims down the shoulder support for car models with tight interiors such as light cars of 550 cc or less. Therefore, it is an extremely compact seat with a shoulder width of 465mm. Additionally, it is designed with a lower knee support section to increase ease of boarding/exiting. This model matches car models such as light and compact cars.

More compact and Comfort new model DIGOⅢ LIGHT

DIGO Ⅲ eliminates the belt hole of the backrest , is a model of simple and stylish design . DIGO II LIGHT the overall height of the comparison back rest that was 3cm as low as , you can now also mounted on more models . In addition to the back rest back has improved both storage pocket equipped with practicality . Is the perfect sport seat commercial vehicles , such as the small car started trucks and vans .

High holdability and high quality sitting comfort achieved by a high-tensile net

With the DIGO II LIGHT and DIGO III LIGHT, we realized high holdability which envelops the body and high quality riding comfort by adopting a high-tensile net for the seat surface and backrest. This creates a seat which reduces tiredness even on long drives.

Angle can be adjusted with a single touch. Easy-to-use super recliner

DIGO II LIGHT and DIGO III LIGHT are equipped with a super recliner which allows easy adjustment of the reclining angle of the backrest. The backrest can be folded forward with a single touch. The super recliner comes equipped with a quick lever which allows smooth position adjustment so you can easily adjust the seat to the perfect position for you.

Abundant color variation with 7 colors

The DIGO series features abundant color variation to match all car models. DIGO III LIGHT has expanded to 7 colors including blacks, grays, beige, red, and blue.
Also, with each variation, you can select a model equipped with seat heater.


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