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edirb 132

edirb132 is a reclining seat which uses STREAMS (by BRIDE brand) as a base along with a high-functionality, high-quality seat material to create a product that’s a higher grade. Its defining features are its elegant design and fine detailing. This is a seat design which aims for increased comfort during long drives and the reduction of bodily fatigue for the driver.
This reclining bucket seat were designed with ergonomics in mind to provide a solid hold and maintain a comfortable driving position, reducing the burden on muscles and lumbar vertebrae when the car moves from side to side or jolts up and down due to road conditions.
Protein Leather is a high quality synthetic leather. Its features a texture like the real leather of a high grade sofa for a smooth touch. In addition, it is perfect as a seat material for reasons such as its easy maintenance compared to real leather, its extreme superiority in terms of durability and water resistance, etc.
Back the high-fashion new material Ultra Suede highly breathable, used in the bearing surface, we further enhance the sense of quality. This allows the driver to enjoy long drives in comfort.

*Protein Leather is a trademark of IDEATEX JAPAN CO.,LTD.
*Ultra Suede is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.

Fit seat rail type

It has been threaded to enable easy installation of the arm rest

edirb132 has been threaded so that a specialized arm rest can be attached on either side of the backrest. The armrest can be easily installed through the main shaft attached to it. Without the arm rest attached, the screw part can be covered with caps. (Armrest will be sold separately. Please refer to the Option page for more information)

Seat heater installation models can also be selected.

All models of edirb 132 can be equipped with seat heater mounted models with built-in heater on the back and seat. Unlike the air conditioner that uses the heat of the engine, the seat heater will warm up immediately even in cold winter. By using it together with the air conditioner, since it warms the body directly from the back and the seating surface, not only will the body warm from the core in a short time, but drying inside the car can be reduced. Easy connection (only for 12V cars) to install in the cigar socket is installed, so you can maintain your favorite temperature with 2 stages of temperature control, so it is also ideal for open cars.
*The seat heater unit is not sold separately or post-installation.
*Multiple seat heaters cannot be used at the same time.

Available Colors

Red Stitch
Silver Stitch
Part NumberColorNotesMSRP
I32LVP(BK)(Protein / Ultra Suede) **SILVER STITCH****Armrest sold separately** $   2,380.00
I32BVP(BK)(Protein / Ultra Suede) **RED STITCH****Armrest sold separately** $   2,380.00
I32CVP(BK)(Protein / Ultra Suede) **BLUE STITCH****Armrest sold separately** $   2,380.00
I35LVP(BK)(Protein / Ultra Suede) **SILVER STITCH****Armrest sold separately****with Heater ** $   2,480.00
I35BVP(BK)(Protein / Ultra Suede) **RED STITCH****Armrest sold separately****with Heater ** $   2,480.00
I35CVP(BK)(Protein / Ultra Suede) **BLUE STITCH****Armrest sold separately****with Heater ** $   2,480.00
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